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A Red White Red – by Gaby Fata

I am Lebanese… it’s a holy fact isn’t it dear? (Looking at the flag)
I was born to hit the books that convey myth about these mighty travelers in light, our forefathers, these stalwart and determined men, whose weapon was freedom embodied in a fancy national ballad.
The thought was their shield and when it needed they armored it… and yet invaders tried to annihilate our words, for our valor and history have been always the envy of the ages.

I was born to wander under your sky and through your remaining green spaces; and with sorrowful eyes witnessing the constant vandalizing of your sacred godly nature!

For certain you are all in touch with our most beloved Lebanese anthem, whose words that were splattered with letters of gold on our unique history’s pages, with its melody that cannot go on unheeded. The words, my friends… I can see them closing in every time I happen to be faced with our national banner, A RED WHITE RED; always ready to choke my breath that dies to cry for help. Eventually I knew that these words had a message, that I, no matter when, was ignoring their call.


So Here I am, standing before you, arms, thoughts and heart wide open , raised up like Goosebumps with no fear to deter me but a sparkling flag to hearten me.

Flag … the colors of you, the touch of you so tender that makes even dreams remember.

On the verge of saving our country, our homeland, millions of menfolk have defied existence by giving life away, hundreds have resigned from their given days and all of them, have become a part of Lebanon’s soil! This very soil that has become a mixture of blood and sand mingled with dust and honor. They were enamored of the land leaving a poignant memory for those who remained…when they reached the last horizon on the limits of the unknown where people of our world may rarely get to know the greatness of love … it is there… where their love has come back to us all.

The red, on the two edges have always been waiting for a sign to nourish the great cedar, a blessed one, that used to carry a message of peace and I shall call it the cedar’s hoary love.
Allow me to remind you of your duties, on behalf of the great eternal cedar…

Let’s be positive regarding our educational contradictions for one color of thinking cannot promote our Lebanon… but with our differences WEALTH WE EARN, and this, characterizes our cosmopolitan features.


Let’s translate our striving into an amendment of a better tomorrow
And finally let’s stand up all and say WE ARE THE HIGHBORNS of freedom! Sure thing fellows, you and I ARE THE HIGHBORNS OF LEBANON.

So cross every t, dot every i , all of us for one nation, for Lebanon, we do it all…

“After God has shaped the universe he wished to decorate it, to embellish it, so he created LEBANON.
The devil felt jealous, so he sneaked stealthily and created the Lebanese just to fail Lebanon…
This might seem in a way sarcastic and even absurd but this saying unfortunately carries certain actual facts, although I have a strong belief that we Lebanese have been created by GOD not the DEVIL and this saying must and should go to many of our so cold leaders and politicians.”

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