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A Sense of Belonging… by Gaby Fata

To see, to hear, to touch, to hold and hug and eventually to love – All these are the result of the companionship that takes place among people.

Adopting a child is no different from giving birth to one because life is majorly counted in feeling, acceptance, and understanding.

The Buchanans were a family that consisted only of a man and a woman. After 5 years of marriage when Daisy was certain, she couldn’t conceive and therefore have children; both couples decided to adopt a child. So on a Saturday morning, Mrs. and Mr. Buchanan went to an orphanage.

“A beautiful white girl! Said Daisy, I cannot imagine how gorgeous it’s to have one…at least just one, and finally acquire the most incredible feeling of being a mother.”

Despite the Fact that this was her dream, Daisy and Scott returned home by sunset with a beautiful, but a black baby! Jane was a girl of 2 months old. In the same day, at bedtime, Scott went up with some questions :

-“Among all these babies, why have you chosen this one?”

-“I don’t know, I can just complain that a strong feeling came to me like this baby will make a change to our family”, replied Daisy reluctantly.

Sorrow, grief, and plaintiveness disappeared, then happiness started to take place among the Buchanans while raising the girl. But on a Friday night, Daisy began to have dizzy moments and later on nausea. After a while she found herself laid on a bed.

“Mrs. Daisy, you are pregnant”, the doctor said. At this moment she was perplexed, and couldn’t know if she wanted to smile, to cry or to shout but at least, she smiled.


The young woman gave birth to a twin, a girl, and a boy. They both were blond and had remarkable and beautiful blue eyes. The parents paid equal attention to all their children without any preference among them. Together, John, Sara and their elder adopted sister Jane grew up and lived an awesome childhood, that every child can dream of. When they reached their teen, they were all well-built; meanwhile, John, a very handsome guy, Sara, and Jane were slender, small-breasted girls. But the only remarkable difference between Jane and her sister was the color issue. Wherever they were, at school or any other place, Jane could realize the gossip of people around them, and acquire the bad feeling of being always stared and watched. She reached a moment when she could no more support those strange things that happen every time she is regrouped with her sister and brother.That led her to start wondering why she was different from them and why had all these people started to discriminate her. None of her parents or brothers had a convincing reason, but once, when Sara had overheard the parents talking about the adoption, she rushed up and went to tell Jane that she was adopted.

This sounded like a shock for Jane that she was unable to fathom or deal with. The world seemed to come to an end and before her eyes, all types of thoughts came and went:”where have I come from? What will my future be? WHO AM I?”


Amid this state and atmosphere, her eyes were full of tears, she was sobbing, and grief-filled up her soul. One thing for sure, she was perplexed and demoralized. Jane left the house with no aim. By that time she had reached a park then, sat on a bench and nonchalantly began to watch what was taking place around her: people passing to and fro, birds alighting on trees, on the ground. Hours past without her noticing. Suddenly, she heard a whispering, and footsteps: she was face to face with her brother and sister, Jane was emotionally surprised.They looked at each other and left their eyes utter the words. Then her sister broke the silence “ Jane let’s go home”. Before the runaway girl could answer, the mother unexpectedly appeared behind her children, opened her arms in a gesture, inviting her adopted daughter to come to her. Jane’s eyes were full of tears again, but this time they were the tears of joy. She knew she was going home.

Therefore, Human life is above all other matters. LOVE is the dominating field that can make all the differences…The bond of fraternity and companionship is above the bond of blood.

About the writer

Gaby Faddoul Fata : a medical student who is originally from kfarshima , and he’s in his second year of medical studies in the holy spirit university of kaslik. Although French educated, Gaby loves the English literature and reads a great deal of interesting books. As a result, he has the creativity and knowledge to bring any subject to the field of communication. One of his quotes: “ Learning is a well thought out, unbreakable weapon, useful in life”

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