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Ailing Mother – by Gaby Fata

The brain is the vital organ, which has raised mankind into the summit of the animal world. The fact that we remain alive is the result of many of our noble body parts, monitoring complex control systems. Hunger makes us seek food and fear makes us seek refuge. Sensations of cold make us look for warmth. Other forces cause us to seek fellowship and to reproduce. From this very small sample, we can see how lucky we are to have such rare developed systems to guide us. Meanwhile, are we using our guidelines properly? Are we being careful about where to these instincts could lead us ? Could there be a much more effective relation between our two human constructions , both psychological and physiological ?


Long story short, failure is the word. In many numerous fields, whether environment, industry or medicine , there is an obvious extension of a general scientific development that is literally destroying mankind. The “devastating” superficial earthly desires of our own human construction are now taking the lead , keeping our minds relaxed in their vacancies and our principles serving the well-being of these minds.

Primarily, there is a common question that is being often raised: Why do scientific developments kill the environment ?

Well , I believe that it’s almost the same question as why do cancer cells kill the body ? and evidently the answer is gladly simple ; cancer tissues compete with normal ones for nutrients .Because cancer cells continue to proliferate indefinitely, with their number multiplying day by day , they soon demand essentially all the nutrition available to the body. As a result, normal tissues gradually sustain nutritive death, and so is the case for the environment : the unceasing rise of various brand new machineries , apparatuses that are permanently being used in factories have resulted in the release of toxic gazes and fumes. In addition to burning fossil fuels and many more, all of which have led to the greenhouse effects , acid rain and global warming. Instead of glorifying and dignifying our beloved sacred nature , we are pushing its virginal condition to war against toxic scientific expansions , showing the way to evil to rule the kingdom:

“the earth doesn’t belong to us , we belong to the earth” – Chief Seattle


Among many wonderings, emerges a crucial question: what has the industrial revolution done to mankind ?

For certain, only after the occurrence of this revolution did we notice the outbreak of innovative groundbreaking machineries and facilities , this burst that propelled human progress to astonishing levels: it empowered the manufacture of goods on a scale that was unprecedented in human history and it has led to an evolution in our approach to medicine etc…

No sooner had the revolution followed than an outstanding progress triggered a worldwide celebration: on millions of modernized cinematic screens was displayed the evolution of facilities , how people used to ride on horses and mules , which has shifted not only to developed overland means of transportation but also to the use of aircrafts.


Implausible advancement isn’t it ?

While we have been celebrating and worshipping our labor, mother earth knew that the time of condolences wasn’t too far away… and “she” was right. The thought that this earth is opened to the whole universe and that there is a certain piercing to the outer space turned out to be utterly untrue: our own little planet earth and its layer has proven to be a mere jail. We are imprisoned inside a greenhouse full of lethal and noxious fumes.

Meanwhile, rainforests, which are among the fortunes that should have been maintained and taken care of (ecosystem) , are now being fiercely compromised , along with its many species that have vanished , and the other ones that have become extinct even before their discovery . Therefore, where is the benefit in winning facilities and at the same time losing our natural habitat?


Our minds go more diverting toward the evil for one specific end: we are MURDERING the earth.

Radiations that were diffused from the incident of Chernobyl , nuclear tests, the unsystematic and reckless riddance of the chemical waste disposal … Where are we heading to?

And yet, we are still pretending to be up to the responsibility of dealing with things departing from our superiority as humans.
My dear colleagues ,I believe that we are not what we have thought to be… Our past deeds that are still taking place till this very hour have proven that this planet earth is an animal planet not a human’s: animals have never polluted the earth. We thought we could help ourselves through inventions but this has given a flagrant proof that we are our own traitor!

At the end, God has favored us among all creatures. The fact that we are sensing ,feeling and knowledgeable beings make us remarkably exceptional. The lord once said to his 12 disciples: “ I didn’t come to make you my slaves ,instead I have named you my dearest”… But do we really deserve this attribute?

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