Friday , August 14 2020

An amazing PEACE of technology, Apple Watch Series 4!!

Apple event 2018 was an exciting one. Here’s everything you need to know about the Apple Watch series 4.

The event started with the apple watch, by discussing the previous generations. They shed light on the three main areas: connectivity, activity, and health. Then they introduced the Watch series 4, with its brand new design, larger display and up to 8 complications in 1 watch face. The screens are bigger by up to 35%. The small apple watch’s screen now increased from 38 to 40 mm and the bigger version of the watch risen from 42 to 44 mm, that is 2 mm each. It might sound as if it’s not a big deal for some people, but it is. The technology behind such a display is tremendous. The real size of the Apple watch did not increase. What happened is that Apple made the screen edge to edge, to make it look more like the iPhone X.

With this larger display, we get to have more exciting watch faces. There is a watch face with up to 8 complications that is unique for the series 4. And the modular watch face can get some changes. For example, you can now track live sports scores, boarding information, or even foods intake all on the same watch face. There is also a new Breath watch face, that is just like the usual Breath application, but this time you can launch it only by raising your wrist. Added to that some other cool effects like fire, water splash, vapor face.

There are some other changes as well for the series 4. The speaker, for example, is now 50% louder, we also get haptic feedback on the crown, the microphone is now moved to the other side of the watch. The back of the watch is brand new now. It’s a black ceramic and sapphire crystal on the back. There is something about this design that made it look more advanced and more looking like a robot. We are also getting a better signal since the new model will allow the signal to pass from the front and the back of the watch.


As for the performance, this watch is coming with a 64-bit processor, making it the first watch with such a chip. This will provide up to 2 times faster performance than the previous generation. Speaking of hardware, this watch comes with improved accelerometer and gyroscope. Twice the dynamic range with up to 32 g-forces samples and eight times faster than the previous sensors. This translates into the fact that the apple watch series four can detect a fall, trip, and even a slip. It also comes with a pretty cool feature. If you fall, trip, or slip and you haven’t moved in a minute; it will automatically call the emergency services and also notify your emergency contacts with a text message and your current location.

The most significant improvement to the Apple watch is the heart monitor. Now, if your heart rate is low, you will get a notification for that, and the watch can now detect some imperfect activity for the heart like atrial fibrillation. And this is the first watch to come with an ECG. All you have to do to use this feature is to put your finger on the other hand on the digital crown, and the watch will do the rest. Furthermore, you can send the result of the ECG to your doctor so he can have a look into it. What a PEACE of mind you feel!!

With all the above-described features, the Apple watch battery life remains the same. We can consider this as an improvement on the battery, giving the bigger size of the display, the faster 64-bit processor, all the cool animations and the other amazing features.

Now you can buy the watch in different materials and color options. The aluminum ones come in silver, gold and space grey. There is no rose gold. And the stainless steel comes in 3 instead of 2 colors: silver, black, and gold. Apple has removed the ceramic model, and all the old bands are also compatible with the new Apple watch. The apple watch series four price starts from $399 for the 40 mm aluminum case and $429 for the 44 mm aluminum case, both for the GPS model. For the cellular series, the price starts from $499 up to $849 for the stainless steel 44 mm.

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