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Christmas! And the True Meaning is…

What is Christmas? Who are these people celebrating? Are they even aware it is the birthday of our Lord and Savior?

Is Christmas no more than decorations, gifts, lights, banquets and all the other flashy exhibitions?

Is today’s Christmas nothing more than text messages and television variety shows? Is it about us being glued to the internet, Facebook, and YouTube exchanging frivolous greetings?

Is it about slumbering for hours weighed down by the feasts we indulged in?

We have long lost the true meaning of this holy birthday that is unlike all others. Christmas is a spirit we preserve in our hearts throughout the year. It is the prayer we say for others. It is in the smile we give the unfortunate. It is the glass of water we give the sick for succor. Jesus Christ came into this world humble and worldly poor, so the joy we bring to the poor and orphaned is Christmas. It is in the humility of Virgin Mary who bowed down to God’s word and told Angel Gabriel “I am God’s servant, may it be His will”.

Everyone loves Christmas, but few understand its true meaning. They are content with the superficial aspects of decorating the tree and telling children all about Santa Clause. They throw lavish feasts and invite everyone to indulge. They decorate the tree without knowing the symbolism behind it. The tree represents hope and the ball is circular like the earth that bears us all. The bells are the angels’ voices as they sing God’s glory high in heaven. Snow is the purity of heart. Light is the star that guided the wise men to Jesus and continued to guide worshippers to prayer.

The tree summarizes the true meaning of Christmas, however, people now see nothing more than a pretty ornament. Even the greetings are standing on the verge of extinction. Christmas used to be about visiting the sick, old and forgotten to brighten their lonely days. Our greetings are recycled and rehashed, devoid of all substance casually exchanged via the internet.

We spend the season immersed in sin and gluttony forgetting those in need and pain. We turn away from the house of God and slumber through the holy season.

Christmas is a blessed season when God’s heaven open and His angels pour through to bring joy to the world. It is a reminder and an opportunity to be kind, virtuous and humble.

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