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In The Name Of Allah!

One would be hard pressed to find a human being devoid of some sort of religious or sectarian belief as such faith is as natural and innate as drawing breath. The Greek historian Plutarch was quoted to have said: “Looking into history, you can find cities without walls, kings, wealth or theater, but you will never find one without a religion or temple”.

The necessity of religion for human beings goes beyond bringing order to their existence because they, alone, were blessed with a conscious brain capable of questioning the universe from its biggest galaxies to its smallest subatomic particles. We are the only creature on Earth wondering about the who, why, where, when and what is next. These questions plague each one of us, and our best source of solace and knowledge regarding these questions is religion.

God did not leave his flock to flounder in the dark, and He sent forth many prophets to preach His message. Later on, religion was often inherited from the immediate family and environment because it represents the source that answered these critical existential queries. The holy aspect of these answers is what brings forth the blind faith and belief in these dogmas. Throughout it all, we fail not to forever remain fierce and adamant in defending them.

As life progressed to encompass the whole world within the screen of a small mobile phone, individuals who were previously isolated are nowadays thrown into constant contact with their surroundings. With our sacred beliefs being questioned, and each party resolute about their own righteousness, how can we all coexist without this harsh conflict? Perhaps the ideal place to start is refraining from ridiculing and blaspheming other people’s beliefs under the freedom of speech defense. While the latter is indispensable for our modern societies, such attacks serve no purpose short than igniting sparks that can spread like wildfire all around the globe in a matter of hours.

Those secure in the validity of their views need never reduce this value by employing such underhanded tactics. They are the only tool for the lost and hopeless, and religion was built on impermeable proofs and persuasion, never empty slogans.

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