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It’s About Freedom, Not Chaos

The concept of freedom is boldly flaunted around despite there being evidence that it is a dying notion. It comes through by examining the flawed mentality of those who claim ownership. Freedom went from a core necessity to a triggered automatic response to empty and meaningless stimuli.

Freedom is threatened by ignorance. The masses equate freedom to superficial elements unaware that true freedom is the accumulation of decades and centuries of knowledge and liberalism. Freedom is the luxury of bursting out with silly tantrums in the name of inconsequential causes. It is an innate conviction that comes from within and not a pseudo-given right that stems from external sources.


Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all is that most of those freedom advocates regard it as a quantifiable and attained notion; this is the antithesis of what it ought to be. Once you have imprisoned yourself within certain boundaries, you are engaged in a self-inflicted captivity. Mistaken, and gravely so, are those who mistake freedom for anarchy. It was never an advocate for a chaos that will reap only havoc and destroy the fabric of society.

And yet the society is drunkenly fascinated with packaged convictions that bless them with a misguided sense of moral and ethical superiority. They gobble up abstract absurdities and become enslaved to them to the oblivion of everything else. Having knowledge at the fingertips of society has not cured its stupidity and gullibility. This misguided so-called wisdom is the recipe that has brought forth fundamentalism and ideological fanatics that have ripped apart our world. How can it be freedom when we have forfeited our free will to exist and evolve?


The world has become a sterile playing field of rebels without a cause. Traditions and cultural heritage are now considered shackles that bind our freedom. Even the laws that preserve our lives are being seen as tools for dominance and manipulation. What use is the pretense of liberty when it is a mere façade? The act of stripping away one’s identity and further inflates the delusion and freedom and pushed individuals further down the long winding road of ignorance.

We must not heed the siren call of the false brand of liberty. It is the tune that promises abject emancipation of all the norms that keep us unified as a society. Should there be antiquated ideas that need to be revolutionized, it should never be at the expense of destabilizing our world.

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