Monday , July 13 2020

Lebanese Plates: Diversified and Balanced with Tastes, Scents and Colors

Having a history saturated with divine dishes and warm friendliness, the food of Lebanon lands everywhere around the world on coasting pad of adoration, light and extravagant comfort. Wherever you go, there are hundreds of Lebanese restaurants serving food in style, where the spices are a bit strong and the scent is more potent.

Lebanese dishes are well known with the wonderful authentic tastes and this is where the story comes together. Reading the menu will immediately take you to a more extraordinary place. Lebanese people love their fresh vegetables and introduce them in almost every meal. The vibrancy of the vegetables is in evidence and the salad is always crisp, bright and flavored with fresh herbs with crisp croutons on top. The scent of the garlicky grill is irresistible and the grill for one is plenty for two. While eating, you can scent the perfume of souks and sidewalk grills. Most of the recipes are originated from our grandmothers’ kitchen, therefore, do not be afraid to indulge yourself in the colors and flavors of the Lebanese cuisine all around the world for its diversity and balance.

It is worth mentioning that Lebanese restaurants in the world immerse you in the culture as well as in the customs of a happy nation whose culinary impact can be felt in many of the world’s capitols.

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