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Member of Ghobeiry municipality and a street dog eating poisoned food. Photo by: BETA - Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Lebanon: Massacre of Dogs in Ghobeiry, Beirut

You know the world is a nasty place to live in when you realize that we’re millions of humans lacking humanity. When we look into the mirror just to see our bodies but we never try to look inside to see our hearts. When compassion is a missing word in our vocabulary and humility is just a curse for those who only fight for their own interests, you know that we’re just an anatomical entity without a burning soul.

It’s funny to watch scientists trying to find life in another planet. Why don’t we try to find the meaning of our existence in our mother nature? Why do we always want to cross boundaries to meet the unknown while inside of us lies the mystery of a whole existence. The universe is within us, we should find another life inside of each one of us, maybe we can find our humanity.

The grass is never greener on the other side, it’s only green where our roots are strongly implanted in the ground. Only then we will be one with mother nature. We are one with the wind, the sky, the ocean, the earth… Why is this hard for us to understand? Nature is always here to help animals instinctively. It is their house, their source of food and reproduction. And since we are one with nature we should protect the animals not only instinctively but also with our conscience.

But instead we are killing them for no logical reason.

The masacre of innocent dogs yesterday in Ghobeiry, Beirut, is just an act of barbarism. It shows a lack love and compassion in the human race. Dogs are human’s bestfriends, the most loyal creatures on this Earth. Those who killed them yesterday with the ugliest way of getting rid of an animal should learn from these dogs a little bit of loyalty. Why would we end their lives while they are just here to make our lives better? They always put a smile on our faces while we only put an end to their existence.

We cannot simply stand here watching these murderers slaying innocent animals for unknown but mostly meaningless reasons. It may sound strange because we always feel so small, but it’s time to wake up and realize that we hold the keys to change, we can make the difference. Let us burn the souls we carry inside and be the voice for those who can’t say that they are in pain or that they are afraid of dying. We are the nature, we are the protectors of these animals, we should realize that radiating love is what we need to do to save these animals’ lives.

It’s our responsibility to help them and to be their voices. We are meant for more, it’s time to open our eyes and finally become humanitarian beings with loads of compassion.

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