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Senseless Murders: The How and the Why

Premeditated murders are plagues that have threatened the cohesion of our society during the recent years. The real tragedy is that some of us have become so numb to violence; they are willing to commit the ultimate sin for the most minor of transgressions. The latest edition is having the life of a young 20 years old robbed by one of his neighbors. And what was the reason? He was celebrating the victory of Brazil and his stabber was upset because Germany was eliminated from the World Cup.

Our court system is burdened with premeditated first-degree murder cases, and most of the victims by a large margin are young adults. Our youth are in a slum where the smallest provocation is enough to inspire such anger and hate that the culprit wouldn’t hesitate to grab the nearest gun or knife and plunge them into formerly vibrant bodies. In a split of a second, tragedy strikes, and no amount of guilt or any capital punishment can undo the hands of time. No matter how many crimes happen, they never serve to break through the shell surrounding our apathy to prevent future murders. No amount of punishment acts as a deterrent to future offenders. No revenge will quench the grief the victims’ families feel and the shame the offenders’ families have to bear.

Psychologists and socialists explain that these seemingly random acts of premeditated murder often hide complex mental illnesses and social pressure that has been pent up for years and sometimes decades. These dams burst under some minor provocation and the price is often the life of someone else. Violence is bred by hate and there is evidence to support this claim in almost every case within the justice system. The infestation of recreational drugs among the youth is another cause for these senseless murders. These young adults are frustrated because they are forced to remain under the control of their parents in tiny living spaces that allow them no privacy. The inability to have their own houses and spouses has fueled rapes and promiscuous relationships. They feel they have acquired the maturity needed to become independent individuals, yet they are forced to continue living under the same rules that governed them as children. They have no options and no real saying in their future. With no hope, it becomes easier to plunge into the throes of a violent existence.

Every time we as a society witness these types of murders, we react in the same predictable pattern. We are momentarily outraged and blame the passion of youth for such a crime. Our attention span lasts just for as long as it takes for another new scoop to grab our attention. We refuse to look beyond the surface

to what really caused these murders. We are cowards and hypocrites; and therefore, we cannot expect this red wave of murder and senseless violence to recede anytime soon.

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