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Soul-Body: The Misleading Duality!

The body has been the sacrificial offering to justify and absolve all our sins. We use it as the sacrament of all the baser needs that govern us. Is the mortal flesh so flawed? Has God shaped us as flawed?

Throwing all sins on the corporeal form is akin to blasphemy because we would be questioning God’s wisdom in creating us in His image. We are not tainted by sin because we come from divinity. And why has the soul be absolved when it too can be tainted by sins like greed and envy? Who made this unjust duality that has shamed one aspect and elevated another? It has torn us apart and rendered us divided and shattered from within. We live as two strangers inhabiting the same house yet never daring to speak even when we are thrust face to face because we have lost the filial indissoluble bond.

It is this duality that allows people to immerse themselves in the wicked sins of the flesh. They exploit the earthy nature of the body that craves satisfaction and gratification to explain away all the animalistic urges they wish to indulge in. They prey on perfectly healthy survival instincts that God instilled in us all to persevere and procreate to showcase His majesty. They were never meant to be the scape goat for tainting ourselves in meaningless instantaneous gratifications that leave us feeling, even more, hallow afterward that we are left with nothing but a sense of acute degradation. The more we feed the void, the deeper the abyss grows between our two halves.

Our modern moral compass is a study in hypocrisy; we use intellectual enlightenment to justify the sexual promiscuity that plagues society. True intellect would allow us to better understand and join our two halves, body, and soul. It gives us the keys to unlock all the little nuances of our being. True intellect would give us too much respect and self-worth to just hand over our body to be exploited by invading hands because we start to realize that our bodies are just an important manifestation of our being as the soul is. We will guard it closely and only invite in the one who will complete us and merge in a lifelong journey.

It is a shame that those who respect their bodies and refrain from becoming immersed in this swamp of decadence are ridiculed these days. Whatever is misunderstood is viciously attacked and degraded because it poses a threat to that thin veneer of self-righteousness lost souls use to justify the abject dejection of their two halves. So the more urgent you feel the need to dismiss this as humbug, the more divided you are. May the two once again become one!

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