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Soul vs Ego!

We are all made up of a duality of soul and ego, but which part drives us? What galvanizes our impulses and shapes our lives? We all want to believe that it is our souls in the driver’s seat, and we are all conscious of what is now and what will be.

In reality, we are all engaged in an ongoing battle between the two polar opposites of our making. Picture the soul as a board of trustees and the ego as a CEO; one that considers itself above offering any explanations for any actions it takes. We are left amid a screaming match where one is in chaos and confusion seeking understanding while the other is in a bubble of denial of any accountability. When was the last time that any of us took the initiative to contemplate our actions? We live our lives running away from any confrontation leaving the ego front and center in charge of all the reins. In all things, where accountability is missing, chaos dominates. When our inner being is distorted, so will the drives that guide our actions. The fracture our fear imposes on us deviates the path we want to seek to plunge us deeper into a nubile abyss that gets more intoxicating the further we fall.

Taking the initiative to step into that boardroom will not be easy. It is a process that will have us pin ponging left and right as we strive to associate the two halves. We were not born flawed because we do need both our halves to be whole. God, in his eternal wisdom, would never have given us this awareness had it not been for our prosperity. We need that radiant truth and purity the souls bring to be a force of good and righteousness. It is humanity’s moral compass that would have spared us a history tainted with atrocities at every bend. But our egos are the earthy component that flames and tempers our desire to not just survive but to also excel. Together they map out an existence blooming with a good-natured quest for superiority. But sadly, we most use that ego to flaunt a disguise to protect the fragile and divided inner. That fragility is only mended by a brutal, but a necessary clash of titans is ironically what will restore the peace and build a stronger and more resilient entity.

Tearing down the foundation is the only way to root out all the poisonous webs of lies and deceit we have cloaked ourselves with. This life is only a prelude for our real awareness. We are but passengers on a night waiting for the dawn of truth.

Dr. Laurence Ajaka

A Ph.D. in English Literature, has been an educator for more than two decades. Having her on board is an asset because she has a profound understanding of both education and populaces’ interaction. Dr. Ajaka is a Smart Exemplary Educationalist, a Master Trainer, and a Brilliant Educator.

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