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From right to left: EU Ambassador Lassen, Brigadier-General Amin Al Orm, and Ambassador of the Netherlands Jan Waltmans.

Strengthening Lebanon’s Border Management for Safety and Security

As part of its longstanding commitment to the stability and resilience of Lebanon, the European Union inaugurated today a centre for Integrated Border Management (IBM) training at the Riyaq military base.

The training centre will contribute to strengthening the cooperation between all relevant authorities and agencies involved in border security, trade facilitation and the movement of persons, namely the Lebanese Armed Forces, Internal Security Forces, General Security, Customs and Civil Defence.

The ceremony was held under the patronage of LAF Commander General Joseph Aoun, represented by Brigadier-General Amin Al Orm, and in the presence EU Ambassador Christina Lassen, Ambassador of the Netherlands Jan Waltmans, and representatives from Lebanese security agencies.

During the inauguration, Ambassador Lassen talked about the European Union’s broad support to Lebanon’s security sector, especially following the Rome II ministerial meeting in support of the LAF and ISF, in which the EU was a main donor. “Today’s inauguration of a new Integrated Border Management training centre is yet another tangible proof of our longstanding support”, said Ambassador Lassen. “Lebanon’s stability is a main concern for the European Union and for the international community. We firmly believe that only a stable security environment can pave the way for increased investments and long-term economic development in the country that is so badly needed”, she added.

The border management programme, which is implemented by the International Centre for Migration Policy Development, assists border agencies to increase the security of citizens, secure and control borders for a smoother and safer movement of people, and facilitate trade, development and human interaction, all the while promoting international human rights standards.

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