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The arcane longing – By Gaby Fata

Hail to the innocent dead people! Hail to the victims of these damned devastating wars, to the humble menfolk that stood on the verge of saving their women and children’s lives and before them, the annihilating bombs, the lethal cocktail of bullets and hatred.

Rattled and heartbroken, I stood in front of our beloved Lebanese national flag yearning to reveal some realities.

“You, my cherished young red color, why is blood being shed randomly without knowing who deserves to live and who deserves to die. A coward-looking, strange armed man can end the lives of 20 unarmed strong men, HOW COME!?

And you, my dear snowy hoary love, where is your recognition of a dire peace and your army that used to carry an armistice between death and honor?”


What honor? What glory and righteousness are you calling for? The great cedar interrupted suddenly. I have been witnessing through the whole history of what you seek for more than hundreds of centuries. In the very field of battles I was standing once and my roots were covered with a mixture of blood and sand mingled with honor. Great armies from both sides rising with their swords and shield, waiting for their king’s command to engage and fight for victory! Neither deception nor dishonesty were capable to translate the meaning of a triumph. Unfortunately, it has been a while since I haven’t tasted this mixture. With the blood of the damned and the cursed spirits; I can’t taste anything. The anathematized battle, whose developed weapons and doomed missiles are shown, has left nothing but deception and millions of human casualties.

So here I stand, my roots against the current, being overwhelmed by my own tears and waiting for a new edition of life to be released!

About the writer

Gaby Faddoul Fata : a medical student who is originally from kfarshima , and he’s in his second year of medical studies in the holy spirit university of kaslik. Although French educated, Gaby loves the English literature and reads a great deal of interesting books. As a result, he has the creativity and knowledge to bring any subject to the field of communication. One of his quotes: “ Learning is a well thought out, unbreakable weapon, useful in life”

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