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The Movement of May the 6th, a Play That Redefines the Lebanese Musical Theater!

The works of Farid and Maher Sabbagh are unlike any other works on the Lebanese scene because every play is a masterpiece with depth and soul calling out for a better future for all Lebanese people. It is an honest self-critiques that offer viable solutions for the social and political crises that we face on a daily basis. It is a theater that weaves itself into the tapestry of the nation.

Arguably, one of their greatest works is their latest play entitled “The Movement of May the 6th”. Upon being asked about the play, the two young Music Composers, Authors, and Directors replied with a smile: “When we first chose this name for our play, we were questioned by many about why we decided to pick this particular name. And each time, we would ask them if they knew what had happened on May the 6th. We were astonished at the wealth of incorrect guesses. Most thought we were referring to the political storm that upheaved the country a few years ago; we replied that was May the 7th, not the 6th. Instead of looking further than the political clichés, we were often jokingly asked if we were referring to the preparations that took place prior to May the 7th”.

The Sabbaghs went on in their words and stated that: “The encounters leave us with the troubling conundrum of laughing at the absurdity or crying for the injustice of it all. We seem to excellent memories of the moments that struck a division between us as a nation yet we forget the day that commemorates the martyrs that fell for our country. Sadly, even our government has denied the sacrifice of those brave souls and no longer celebrates the soldiers and media personnel that bled for this nation”.

I, myself, watched the play and I believe that May the 6th is our vision, or perhaps hopes, for the future of Lebanon. It starts off where the “19th Sect” left off. It tells the tale of the Lebanese media and all the hurdles those brave men and women face to bring the truth into light. It describes our mission to snatch the truth from the clutches of darkness that wants to bury reality in a whole and throw away not only the key but the hole itself. The media is a powerful tool, one that can raise a nation or topple an empire depending on who controls it”.

Similar to all their previous works, they do not only want to portray the grim reality, but they also to offer some solutions for the dire financial constraints that have affected the ability of the media to be entirely free with its content. Theirs is a role that cannot be undermined because they still have the faith of the people.

When you preach doom, others will become disheartened and give up. When you give credence to the lie, you make it the truth. However, as long as you believe in this nation, everyone watching, listening or reading will be imbued with fresh optimism. And before I end my review, I address the sibling power couple: “Your words shape and define our future. They are the cement that binds us and keeps the fight alive. May your beam of truth shine beyond the relics of infamy”.

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