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The Myth of Gender Equality

Gender equality is forging a blind path towards a misconceived perception of equality discounting the unique characteristics inherent to each gender. This blazing trail is endorsed by intellectuals and decision-makers without any consideration of differences between the two. This article is an attempt to highlight these variants that have been scientifically proven to make an argument that equality doesn’t mean literal equity in everything.

Supporters of men say the male’s brain is on an average 10% larger than a female’s and has 4 billion more neural cells. While the above is undisputed, magnetic resonance imaging has shown that women have more connectivity between their neural cells enabling them to develop superior communication skills. Women have 14 to 16 regions of the brain for assessing behavioral cues compared to the four to six ones men have. This explains why women seem to be more perceptive than men and why the two never seem to be able to communicate on the same wavelength. Men always accuse women of talking non-stop and women get frustrated with men for not speaking enough.


But when the two actually talk, they have a clash. The connectivity in women’s brains allows the average female to effortlessly watch television, talk on the phone, and listen into what is being said in the kitchen all over morning coffee. Women jump from one topic to another within the same sentence and correlate seemingly nonsensical things to come up to conclusions that seem illogical to men. Women have five different tones they recognize and use to express their feelings while men only recognize three. These differences disrupt the flow of conversation between the genders.

Another point of distinction is the amount of grey and white matter in each gender’s brain. Men have 5.5% more grey matter than women while the latter has ten times more white matter than men. Grey matter is for processing information, and white matter is the communication network between brain regions and neural cells. This explains why men are more skilled in activities that require uninterrupted concentration while women are better in gathering and quantifying information, talents needed in exercises such as learning new languages.


Women’s brains are more concerned with symbolism than actual words. They often use words and body gesture to convey their emotions and feelings. Women want men to be more vocal about how they feel, and this makes men uncomfortable as they regard the true expression of emotions is in the

actions. As far as men are concerned, if they brought you a flower yesterday, it means they don’t have to tell you they love you five times today.

The hypothalamus is an area in the brain that controls much of the endocrine system in the body. It varies in size according to the hormonal profile of the body, but it is bigger in men than women. It triggers sexual desire while explains why men are more sexually driven than women.

The inferior parietal lobe in men is 6% bigger than that of women. It is responsible for abstract thinking, so it gives men the edge over women when it comes to visualization while women are better in remembering and elocution. The amygdala is another region in the brain that is responsible of correlating emotions and it has significantly denser connectivity with language and articulation centers in the brain which explains why women can talk about their emotions in a complex manner than men fail to do.


The myth about men being better about finding directions has merit because of the region responsible for recognizing landscapes and directions, the hippocampus is 10% larger in men than women. Men can recognize subtle cues in the surrounding environment to help them with directions that women do not seem to have.

Perhaps the greatest question is that if women have such better-connected brains and reasoning powers, why do they lose their objectivity and become emotional? The Hjarnbalk is the region that connects the right and left parts of the brain, and it is bigger and better connected in women than men. This should theoretically aid in helping solve a dilemma, but it also makes women confused between what their logical left brain lobe sees as true and what their emotional right lobe wants to recognize. This puts women in the middle and causes no ending amounts of frustration that often lead to outbursts.

This article was never meant to say one gender is superior to another. It also was never meant to say women should be denied any opportunities to advance in life. It was a voice in the crowd calling for better understanding of our capabilities and roles in this life. Our species and its success rely on the collaboration of these two contradictory genders. These variants should be celebrated and invested to bring peace and harmony instead of warring ammunition.

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