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The Way to Happiness and Serenity

Have we ever stopped to consider what the purpose of life is? Most of us would answer that they exist in order to discover the answer to this question because its answers are as numerous as the number of people asking it. But why do most of us fail on this monumental quest? Is it because of the fears and limitations we enforce on our conscious and subconscious?

Modern homo-sapiens are not known to be in touch with instincts that have ensured the survival of mankind for many millennia. Today, we rely on facts and figures instead of relating to that gut-wrenching feeling of dread. We turn a blind eye to what every fiber of our being is calling for because we are too afraid to trust ourselves. This is costing us dearly because it often causes us to abandon our aspirations as we doubt the feasibility of it happening with so many obstructions when it could be what we have been born to do. It also clouds our judgment of people and situations, and we cannot see through the false images and perceptions.


We live in an age of instant gratification where we expect immediate results. This is not feasible when attempting a life-long goal of self-discovery and realization. We want everything to be done within the matter of hours or days, and we regard any attempt falling below these expectations to be faulty and useless. We need to start slowing down the hectic lifestyle we live and spend more time on ourselves. This is not a call for indulging furthermore into materialistic pleasures like having a spa day or going on some fancy spiritual vacation. What we want to achieve can be done with a cup of tea in a calm setting with ample time for self-reflection. It’s time to delve deep inside of us and rekindle our basic human emotions of compassion, patience, and generosity.


Perhaps the greatest injustice we can inflict on ourselves is creating a preconceived notion of how our destiny should unfurl. We often forget that the journey itself is what brings us to our true purpose and not the other way around. We have to be open and accept all our strengths and weaknesses to be able to delve deep into our psyche and explore our depths. We all reach our destination on a different wavelength. We all do it at our own pace and with a unique set of successes and failure. Just because others flare up so early in life, it doesn’t mean they will be able to sustain their glow.

Just remember that negativity and doubts will root a person in their place with no chance of growth. Let go of the load you carry around. Let go of all the fears and expectations. Brave onward to the most challenging quest that will lead us all to a place of happiness and serenity.

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