Monday , July 13 2020

What Is Felt, What Is Sensed!

The world has immersed itself in a mire of decay where we are caught in a nether existence blurring the lines between what is felt and what is sensed. We enliven the seasons of the scorching heat of our indiscretion and don on masks fitting to the derogatory performance we are called on to play. We plow unwittingly on the stage of life until we are part of the web that joins us all in infamy constantly pondering and hungering for an answer to the question: “Who am I”?

Whenever we manage a brief interlude in a cocoon of solitude, we suffer the yearning that claws at our consciousness. We desperately try to recapture of who we were but are lost in the spider web of counterfeit and decadence that pollutes our very essence.

Few among us find the courage to brave the ultimate discovery of one’s self. Few will take off all the trappings of society and look into their naked and vulnerable self that quivers in shame before close and honest scrutiny. Most of us fall beneath the tidal gale of guilt and self-recrimination as the shame of having abandoned our most precious and vital possession for the cheap thrill of society’s acceptance. May we all find the strength to fold in our misgivings and insecurities and join the divinity that God has bestowed upon us in a loving embrace of a lost soul that has finally found sanctuary.

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