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Why Do We Seek a Relationship?

Relationships have been a backbone for our societies ever since man started to live in organized units. Being part of a family unit and procreating seems to be the natural path to choose and those who fail to do so, for whatever reason or motive, are somehow imprinted with a stigma of sorts. But why do we crave relationships to the exclusion of any other destiny? Has anyone ever considered why we desperately need to have a significant other in our lives?

The answer is not simple because it’s about what we want to get as well as what we want to learn and share. Most of us just want someone who will love us and give us a sense of worth because being chosen exclusively as a life-mate and partner is seen as a vital affirmation. Others would confess to wanting to belong to something and have their own slice of the world. We want the spouse and children that will support us in our old age. It is this fear of being alone and lonely that drives most of us to compromise a lot of ourselves just to find the other half.

Perhaps if we were more honest, we would admit that we want a partner that will fill the void of silence we are reluctant to face. There are certain aspects of our soul that we fail to nourish, and thus we look outward to others to nurture them for us. We hope they will be the answers to those burning questions we face and try desperately to avoid about whom we are and our purpose on this Earth. We hope that they will see that hidden side of us and will patch it up and make it whole.

Relationships are about more than just making a sexual connection or finding a partner. These are the reasons that highlighted our previous needs, but do they still hold true in this day and age? In a day and age when sex has become an easily obtained commodity, physical gratification has constantly been taking a back seat as far as triggers go. We are lonelier than we have ever been and the more we are bombarded by the world we live in, the thicker the dome of protection we done on. The more secure we become, the more desperate the yearning for that elusive need that we cannot seem to be able to name.

We are mostly capable of doing almost anything on our own, including safely raising a family, and that has taken a toll on us. The truth is we just want to grow. We want that person that will just live with us for the moment. We need the one that will forget the past, overlook the future and focus on nothing but the pleasures of today. We no longer just need love; we need to share that love. There has to be a mystic connection capable of obliterating all the noise and confusion of reality and focusing on the bond that unites two errant spirits in a canopy of chaos.

Our biggest problem is not being capable of love. We pretend and dress up our yearnings with false clothes to accommodate the beliefs that only serve to starve ourselves further. Our love is one beyond the instinctive desire for procreation and safety. It is now a roaring flame blazing a trail of discord through our being in an unquenchable hunger intent on being satisfied.

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