Monday , July 13 2020

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Because We believe in world peace and fight against corruption, abomination, abuse, violence, intimidation and harassment, terrorism, fanaticism and extremism, slavery, and all other inhuman things.

Because We love and respect our Mother Earth. And because we have the goodwill to help creating a better World, AbyadAswad came to light.

AbyadAswad, which means White/Black, is indeed a new born nonprofit online magazine that publishes articles, reports, researches, social and political projects aimed to help people, us, individuals and societies to ascend and reach a highest level of our humanity.

We prefer not to publish daily events and incidents unless it’s accompanied with deep studies and analysis, and positive criticism highlighting the causes and followed by a detailed solution that would last for generations. We aim to indulge a growing passion for positive culture.

If you are one of those who are enthusiastic to build a better world, and if you are an author, a journalist or a reporter, if you have a story, idea or experience that are worthy of sharing with our readers, we will be very pleased to share and publish them in

Start sharing with the world and contact us at aa.writer[@] (remove the “[ ]”).

Don’t make us wait too long!

Editor in Chief
Michel Noujaim – English Edition

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