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Edy Hourany

Edy Hourany lives in Byblos Lebanon, the oldest city on the planet Earth. Graduated from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik with a Master’s Degree in software engineering, he had worked for three years in the IT department of the same university. Currently, he’s occupying the post of regional software support at SABIS Schools, Dubai branch. The most important thing about Edy is his passion for the field, which is the most vital ingredient for success. Such a passion for technology motivated him to seek teaching robotics for children in an attempt to raise awareness as regards such a high-tech domain.

IOS12!! Is it really worth it?

Apple’s new iOS is in town. Let’s take a look about what’s coming up in IOS 12 Beta 1 in this article. In IOS 12 Apple really went for updating their core applications …

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What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency which aims to deal away with all the problems we have when paying for things online. You may feel the system we have is pretty good, but everything …

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Onion Browsing, Is it really spicy?

The Onion Router is a browsing method to surf the web anonymously. As we discussed in the past article there are many ways the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can track us using our IP address. Web sites are able …

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Nanotechnology in Curing Cancer

Nanotechnology is the study consisting on manipulating materials to build devices and structures at a very low level. It is used in approximately all fields, especially the science fields like physics, engineering … …

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