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Dr. Laurence Ajaka

Dr. Laurence Ajaka, A Ph.D. in English Literature, has been an educator for more than two decades. Having her on board is an asset because she has a profound understanding of both education and populaces’ interaction. Dr. Ajaka is a Smart Exemplary Educationalist, a Master Trainer, and a Brilliant Educator.

Why do we need philosophy?

A Tribute to the Great Lebanese Philosopher, Kamal Youssef El Hage Philosophy is the love of wisdom, and our addiction to technology and ready answers have compromised our ability to have a critical …

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The Spirit of the Truth

Every true Christian is awarded the Holy Spirit through a ceremony of baptism. Jesus Christ said unto Nicodemus: “Do not marvel that I said to you, You must be born again” (John 3:7) …

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Vanity Disguised as Charity!

Charity is an act of altruism that aims to elevate the suffering of those less fortunate, or that’s what it should be in a perfect world. It’s abundantly clear that we do not …

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It’s About Freedom, Not Chaos

The concept of freedom is boldly flaunted around despite there being evidence that it is a dying notion. It comes through by examining the flawed mentality of those who claim ownership. Freedom went …

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