Wednesday , September 19 2018

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Is There Love?

What if love is not real? People regularly enter relationships full of ideas and misconceptions that they have accumulated from their previous affairs. They enter projecting an idyllic and sublime future that will …

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The Birthday Mania!

Birthday celebrations have always been a ‘thing.’ Today however, it has become an extravaganza, an event that is planned months ahead by the parents no matter how old their child is. Ever wondered …

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Do We Have Failed Teachers?

We have failed teachers! Long has the focus been on evaluating how students respond to teaching methods without giving much attention to how the teachers interact with students. Nothing in life comes from …

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Soul vs Ego!

We are all made up of a duality of soul and ego, but which part drives us? What galvanizes our impulses and shapes our lives? We all want to believe that it is …

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Battle of the Sexes Remastered

I was attending a charity event recently when a woman was ushered in with all the pomp and ceremony usually saved for the most generous of benefactors. Upon being seated at my table, …

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